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About Us

Since 1971 Hegira Health, Inc. (HHI) has been a leader in behavioral healthcare. Today, HHI is one of Michigan's largest freestanding, integrated behavioral healthcare organizations, providing a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse treatment services to individuals of all ages. It is HHI's goal to ensure the availability of quality, individualized, and rapidly accessible integrated behavioral healthcare and prevention services to individuals and families of all income levels. 


Hegira Health, Inc. is accredited by the Joint Commission and by the American Association of Suicidology.  All service locations are licensed by the State of Michigan and staffed by experienced professionals.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to achieving wellness first, through our team’s commitment to excellence in service that embraces all people and does so with integrity and resolve.

Corporate Values

To establish corporate direction, Hegira Health, Inc. embraces the following corporate values:


    • It is our expectation to provide excellent service to the individuals we serve and to the communities in which they live.​


    • We adhere to a holistic approach to care that is streamlined, seamless and equitable for the individuals we serve, their families and our staff.​


    • Across our operations we stand for truth, reliability, and accountability.​


    • We are stronger together. Only with a unified team will we be successful.​


    • We approach each challenge impacting individuals we serve, our staff and community with the commitment to respond with our best efforts.


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